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Community Outreach - Hurricane Harvey Relief

Community Outreach - Hurricane Harvey Relief

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COMMUNITY OUTREACH to support a family in need as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

One of our community members -- whom I know personally, lives in the affected area, and while her home was spared ... her daughter, Anna's, was not.
Her daughter and her husband have two little ones age 18 months and 3 1/2yrs old. Their house flooded completely.
When I asked if they had put together a "needs list" ..the only thing she told me were things for the children like clothes and toys...
yet if you saw the photos of their belongings in rubble piles out in front of their home, you would know they need so much more.

I cannot fathom needing to restock an entire home, and my heart goes out to them and everyone affected.

We are calling on our community members to help offer love and support.
1) Would you hand craft a small heart (6" or smaller) for a group work of art to symbolize support and hope for this family?
*you can mail those to us at Living Felt and we will help turn it into a work of art for them.

2) For those who can and are interested...would you gift $1 or $5 or $10 towards a group gift?
We are planning gift cards for Target or Amazon to they can begin to replace some of what was lost.
If you would like to participate in this project, please send to us by September 22nd (approx. 3weeks) so we can put it together for them.

Contributions can be sent by mail, or paid online with the above buttons.
Please send hearts and mailed contributions to:
Attn: Community Outreach
14121 W HWY 290, #2A
AUSTIN, TX 78737

Thank you all so much.

Marie Spaulding
 P.S. As many of your know, we also supported food banks in the area, and while this is only one family....together, we can help make a difference in this family's ability to return home.