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"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your positive attitude you "display" on all of your orders. It's so refreshing to deal with such a kind and uplifting company. I received my first order from you about 3 weeks ago and have placed several orders since. I am loving this "new" craft and am looking forward to sending you some pictures of my creations.

Again, it's such a pleasure to be dealing with your company and I will definitely recommend it to all of my crafting friends. Keep up the uplifting encouragement you sent my way . . . it has been appreciated more than I can say!!

Sue Boyd

"To my new friends at Living Felt,

I just opened my first delivery from Living Felt, and WOW, y'all! What a treat!

I was delighted when my package arrived so quickly, and the fact that it said "packed with love, shipped with joy" absolutely made my DAY. Then to find not only such a GENEROUS starter kit but also a great instruction booklet along with a personal note on the invoice - just WOW. I will absolutely be a customer for life:.."

Megan Tietz

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"To all at Living Felt... I wanted a lightweight, unbreakable Nativity to enjoy with with the grandchildren. Your core wool, cross-bats of various colors and specialty locks were perfect. But equally important were your tutorials, blog posts, and especially words of encouragement that help to build confidence in a rookie needle felter so we feel like we can tackle a project. I have been casually felting for a couple of years, starting with projects from your tutorials, and this is my first big 3-D attempt. I could not have done it without you...."

Janice Odegaard 2014
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Cass Country Junior High Class

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Felting Needles 40 SPIRAL
Item Id: Feltingneedles_Spiral_40
 Felting Needles  40 SPIRAL
Superb Quality Barbed felting needle, USA Steel
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Highest Quality USA Steel Spiral Felting Needles:
Sold in packs of 3
COLOR CODE: Purple = Felting Needles 40 gauge Spiral, Fast Work And Ultra Detailed Condensed Felting. These unique Spiral Felting Needles take over where all others leave off. These allow for precision work and the tightest felting pattern by twisting and entangling the wool as you poke.

This Pack includes 3 Spiral Felting Needles
  • 40 gauge SPIRAL FELTING NEEDLES -  very rapid, felt ultra dense work!

Oh you are going to LOVE these new spiral felting needles!

The spacing of the barbs along the spiral allow you to further needle felt and compact an object both "at" and "below" the surface.

You may notice that obvious "crunch, crunch" when needle felting a ball and it is starting to harden, but the crunch is primarly happening at the surface due to the barb placement...with these fine gauge 40 spiral felting needles, you will feel a nice glide as the needle goes into the wool and the spacing/positioning of the barbs will help further felt below the surface and at the surface of the object.

This needle does not leave big puncture marks and is perfect to use as your 2nd to last step..finishing with a 42 triangle.

"LOVE the new purple needles, great for final shaping on faces 'n such." - Teresa Brooks

"I love these new spiral needles.  I just used them for the details on my quilting hedgehog.  Using various colors of corriedale and my trusty soy felting mat, the spiral felting needles were perfect for quickly working the fine line details n the eyes, the nose the glasses, the edges on the quilt squares and the needle.  You are right, they are especially good when felting details into something fairly dense like my hedgie! :-)"
- Linda Buckley
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Thank you so much for being a great company and sharing this wonderful activity, and thank you for your ongoing support."

Kendra Hope

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